Sharing Dating Expenses As A Couple.

Dating Expenses.

On the first few dates men typically pay for all the expenses. However once a new relationship starts, some couples see the need to discuss how they will share in the cost of dating.

For many women, they'd rather avoid the subject. In their mind, a man should always pay for all dating expenses. They are responsible for nothing. Many men buy into this belief system too especially if they haven't done a lot of dating.

A man that has been through many relationships is more likely to want to discuss dating expenses as soon as possible. Why? Because after spending a lot of money on some women, they walk away or go out with someone else or send their boyfriend a Dear John email ending the relationship because 'it's not working out'.

Most men who have done a lot of dating will tell you that, the best women they've ever dated always wanted to share in the cost of dating. If they didn't pay for dates, they were happy with simple inexpensive dates. And these women were always concerned about how expensive dates were even though they weren't paying.

Due to equal rights, the 'traditional' woman is disappearing. Even if a woman expects a man to take her out on expensive dates several times a week, she doesn't want to be treated like women were treated a hundred years ago when men always paid for dates. Even if her guy is always paying for expensive dates, she still expects to be treated as an equal in every way. The only exception to the rule for today's 'traditional' woman is the cost of dating. For some men, this is just not acceptable.

On the other hand, some modern women want to pay their own way from the very first date. With these women, discussions about sharing dating expenses never comes up because treating each other as equals has been a habit from the beginning of their relationship.

Why Guys Want To Talk About Sharing Dating Expenses.

After a few dates some guys might want to talk about expenses. Why? Here are some reasons why a guy might want his girlfriend to contribute towards dating expenses.

  • Dating is a financial risk because no commitment is involved.
  • Without commitment, couples who are dating are just friends. It's rare for friends not to share in the cost of food and entertainment.
  • Some guys want reassurance that they are not being used.
  • Some guys don't have enough money to continue a relationship if they need to pay all the dating expenses.
  • Some guys have lots of money but don't want to waste it on a relationship that can end at anytime.
  • Some women have very expensive tastes and are not concerned about how much dating costs. By sharing in expenses, many women suddenly become more frugal.
  • Many women make as much or more money then men do. If this is true in your relationship, it's normal that your boyfriend would want you to share in the cost of dating.

Things For Couples To Consider.

  • How serious is your relationship? Is there any commitment?
  • If not, are both people willing to pay their own way?
  • Who makes more money? Should one person pay less than the other?
  • Will all dates be split equally?
  • Will you take turns paying for dates?
  • How much can each person contribute towards going out?
  • Can you agree on how much will be spent per week or month on dating expenses?
  • Serious dating couples should work on a budget together so that dating is comfortable and not a financial stress.

If one or both can't afford expensive dates all the time, can a couple enjoy spending time together doing more inexpensive activities? Neither men nor women like to be taken advantage of and if you're working towards a committed relationship it's important to be able to agree on the cost of dating. Financial compatibility is important in any relationship.

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