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How to write an interesting profile and what to say on a dating site. Three secrets that will make you irresistible.

Ask yourself this question. What am I doing on a dating site? If the answer is that you want to find someone to date, then your goal should be to attract attention in a positive way.

Everything you say on a dating site should reflect your desire to find someone special. That's all! So many singles say the wrong things, or they say boring things that turn people off. To compete with all the other wonderful people online what you say needs to stand out.

How To Write An Interesting Profile That Makes You Irresistible.

Quality dating profiles attract the most attention. It's not how much you say, it's how well you get your message across in as few words as possible. Here's what guys and girls are looking for when they're reading profiles.

The first thing people wonder about is what you look like. Instead of boring people with a long description, include as many high quality pictures as you can. These photos should accurately depict what you look like today. One of the worst ways to attract a new relationship is to be dishonest about what you look like. If you're not a model, dress nice, and take pictures in beautiful settings such as at the beach or at park with lots of colorful flowers.

The second thing people want to see is what you have to say in your headline. Next to your picture this is by far the most important information about you on any dating site. Spend almost all your time coming up with a headline that is attractive, smart, honest, and easy to understand. Tasteful humor is ok but avoid words with dual meanings or phrases that can put you in a bad like. Be unique, different, and fun! If you want to make people yawn tell them you're a 'woman looking for a good man'. Headlines like this just don't work. Get them screaming to meet you by creating the perfect headline.

The third people look at on dating sites is what you have to say in your very first paragraph. It better be interesting. Remember 'curiosity, excitement, fun, ... ' these are the feelings you want to convey right away. People are busy. They will not read your entire profile unless you get their attention in 10 seconds or less.

Finally don't blow it by adding a bunch of boring information. Be honest, but don't give away all your secrets. If your picture, headline, and first paragraph is attractive anything else should create additional interest. Your number one goal is attract the person you're looking for.

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