Things You Can Say To Make A Girl Like You.

These are best things you can say to make a good impression on a girl and make her want you. When you know what girls want to hear from guys, you can say the right things to make her like you.

There are simple things you can do to make a good impression and turn her on. A girl may not like you but if you say and do the right things she might change her mind. Please remember however that it's impossible to say anything that will 'make' a girl like you. There's either a spark and chemistry or their isn't. We can't force someone to like us. You're far better off trying to 'attract' a girl you like than pushing or manipulating situations to get your own way.

What Girls Want From Guys.

Everyone loves compliments. Girls are no exception. If you can't think of the right thing to say, always start with a compliment. Watch for clues such as her personal appearance, make up, looking good, smelling good, doing their hair, sexy clothes, ... these things are all very important to women, because they want to attract a handsome guy.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder so it's not necessary to be handsome but you do need to have something going for you to attract beautiful women. Some girls will melt and they'll fall for a man who knows how to give thoughtful sincere compliments.

The next thing you want to hear is that you're a real man. Women want a strong, centered, confident man who isn't afraid of anything. That's what turns them on. They want someone cool, calm, and comfortable in his own skin. Y

ou can't say these things in words. You need to prove this is the kind of man you are by the way you interact with people everyday. Think about popular movie stars or celebrities women fall for. What do they all have in common?

If you get nervous around women you like, you can pretend you're a cool successful guy even if you're shy. If you get into a situation that makes you nervous, ask yourself what you would do or say if you were Henry Winkler or Robert De Niro. Pick any man who's successful with women and be that person on the inside. You don't need to tell anyone what you're doing because they'll laugh. But it will work miracles if you want confidence around attractive women.

The final thing you can say to win a girl over is 'I know how to listen'. Once again you can't say this in words. You need to prove it. Forget about what you're going to say next to make her like you. Put all your attention upon what she's saying. Listen carefully. Hear what she says. Ask thoughtful questions to understand the way she thinks. The more she talks, the less you'll need to say.

The best way to turn a girl on is to be impressed by her. Make sure this comes from your heart first, then your mind, and finally your words. If it's just talk and there is no emotion or feelings behind what you say, your words are absolutely meaningless to women.

If a girl rejects you or doesn't seem to like you, don't let it shake your confidence. You can't make everyone like you and why would you want to? She might genuinely not like you. In this event, there's nothing you can do or say that you haven't already tried. However it might be a test. She might believe you're a weak, insecure guy. If you get angry, upset, act like a child, you just failed your final exam!

If you stay centered, confident, strong, and secure like a real man no matter what she says or does, she'll admire you. She may even look for ways to get your attention. Play it cool. She's not the only girl. Maybe she's not even the right one for you. Let her sit in the corner for a while, to consider the terrible way she treated you. Maybe you'll ask her out again. Maybe you won't. Depends on how worthy she is. Laugh. Play with it. Have fun. Real men have problems picking up the most beautiful women in the world.

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