Time Between Emails.

Online Dating Emails.

  • How often should you email someone?
  • Should you respond to people right away or wait?
  • How many should you send to one person in a day?
  • Does it matter what time of day?
  • Is it ok to reply instantly?
  • Is it best to avoid weekends?

Online Dating Rules For Email.

People who are serious about dating real people want to see you have life outside of the internet. They expect you to be busy and successful. They're aware that there are many very lonely depressed people online and they want to avoid these singles. So don't send people the wrong message. As you know all emails have the date and time on them. Be careful when you send them out and how many you write.

If you send too many emails or the time between emails is to quick, some observant people, might think you're desperate or not a very good catch. A balanced person, may use a computer for work, perhaps to play some games, or work with pictures, to check email maybe once or twice a day, and interact with real people the rest of the time. So if you send email to the same person several times a day they might assume there's something wrong.

An exception might be if you have a blackberry or way of checking emails on your cell phone. In this case you might be able to reply with a quick 'hi, thanks for your email, I'll reply when i'm done with appointments, …' You want to be friendly and open to emails but you also want to appear to be busy and successful even if you aren't.

Email Dating.

  • Keep emails short

  • Avoid sending emails on the weekend

  • Don't send more than two a day to each person

  • You can reply more often sometimes

  • Be unpredictable. Email back and forth when you're online, then wait a day to reply

  • You don't want people to think you're on your computer 24 hours/day

  • After two or three emails, suggest a meeting in person.

  • Do not get involved romantically online with a stranger you haven't met

If you've sent six or more emails to the same person and they're not ready to meet you, cut back on the time between emails. Keep in touch maybe once/week and always mention that you'd like to meet them for a few minutes. Invite them for coffee at a specific time and place or somewhere else a quick first date

If you limit the number of emails and they are several days apart, people will soon get the idea that you're serious about a real relationship and you're not going to waste your time playing the 'email game'.

It doesn't matter if you're a man or a woman. If you like someone, ask them out for a brief date and meet them face to face. Keep asking once every week or two unless you get a negative response

Stop emailing people who are not interested in meeting (unless you're looking for a long distance relationship)

Use email to quickly keep in touch with people you've already met at least once.

If you're not ready or interested in meeting real people, you can toss all these dating tips out the window.

The time between emails doesn't matter if you enjoy interacting with singles just for fun. This advice only applies to people who are using the internet to find dates and they want to make a good impression.

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