Call After The First Date.

Will He Call?

You've met someone for the first time and you like him a lot. Will he call? It all depends on the impression you made.

If his words and body language screamed 'yes, I can't wait to see you again', then most likely he will call soon unless he's really shy or nervous.

Perhaps he'll wait a day or longer because he doesn't want to appear too interested. Or he might call in a couple of hours because he missed you already.

How Long Should I Wait Before Calling?

24 hours give or take is a pretty good rule. If you wait much longer than that, it's like 'spoiled milk'.

If the other person was interested, they're probably not anymore because you waited too long. On the other hand if you call too soon, you might come across as needy or desperate. That's not good.

One thing you can do is talk about meeting again towards the middle or end of your first date and get a feel for what your date is thinking. Do they want you to call right away? What is their schedule like?

At the end of your first date you can ask like this, 'I enjoyed our first date. When would be a good time for me to call you again?' Then you'll know for sure what to do.

Call Them On Time.

If you make arrangements and promise to call at a specific time, make sure you do it if you really like someone. If you can't call, let them know right away that something's come up and then ask them what would be a good time.

What Should You Say When You Call?

Before you call, have a goal in mind. What do you want to accomplish by making this call? Do you want to go out on another date? Do you want to keep in touch as friends?

If you want a second date, think about when, where, and what you will do. Have several options available.

Instead of saying, 'would you like to go out on a second date', it's better to give them two or three choices, - no more than that at one time.

If you give people too many choices, they may need to 'think about it'. Just say, 'would you like to do this', or 'would this work better for you?'

Conversations after a first date can be awkward. You can ask if it's good time for them. If not ask them what time is better. Or ask them to call you when they're available.

If they have time to talk, tie in a conversation from your first date that you both enjoyed. You want to create the same chemistry that you felt on your first date or at least start with something that you have in common.

Most of time you don't know if they're interested or not. The risk of rejection is high. You don't want to spend a lot of time on the phone but you don't want it to be quick either.

Keep the conversation, light, fun, and comfortable. Then get right to the point. Don't talk chit chat for a half hour. After a couple of minutes get down to the purpose of your call.

When you've accomplished your mission, get off the phone. If you just set up another date for example, don't mess it up by staying on the phone for a long time.

If you want to impress him or her, pretend like your busy even if you aren't. Make an excuse to get off the phone and end the conversation on a friendly, positive note. You can continue your discussion on the second date.

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