Cute New Pickup Lines For Girls To Use On Guys.

Ten brand new pickup lines that work to start conversations with guys you don't know. Here's how to say something cute and make him interested.


How To Pickup A Guy.

So many times we see a guy and immediately fall in love. The chemistry is intense and we feel they like us too.

Problem? We can't think of a cute conversation starter. On top of that he's at a loss for words and doesn't know what to say either.

Sometimes all we have is a moment to think of something to start a conversation and then a way to keep it going long enough to make him interested in you. Here are some ideas that that will help you break the ice.

Ten New Pick Up Lines That Work On Guys.

When we're subtle and not too obvious we can have fun without the risk of rejection. That's why I love pickup lines that can be taken many different ways. Keep them guessing and see if they're as interested in you as you are in them.

  1. I have a friend that's looking for someone good looking like you. Are you interested? (Describe yourself.)

  2. Are you good at picking up women? What would you say if you were trying to pick up someone like me?

  3. Hi. I'm a psychology student and need to interview some guys about pickup lines. Do you have a few minutes?

  4. I wish guys would stop trying to say stupid things to pick me up. I'm much too sophisticated. Why don't they just shut up and kiss me.

  5. Can you help me? ... I'm looking for a guy. ... (He says, 'What does your guy look like?' You say, 'hmm, ... He looks like, ... ' Hint: Describe the guy you're talking to right down to what he's wearing.

  6. I've been asked out so many times tonight, it's crazy. All I want is a nice guy like you.

  7. Do you have the time? ... No. I mean do you have the time to ask me out on a date?

  8. Can I get your opinion as a guy? If I was looking for someone special and I didn't know him, what could I say as a conversation starter?

  9. Excuse me, I'm working on a school project on what guys find attractive in a woman. Can you help me with some ideas?

  10. Say, have you seen a cute guy running around here? ... (He says, 'No, what does he look like?') ... Let me show you. (Take him to a mirror.)

Two More Pickup Lines That Work On Guys You Don't Know.

  1. Do you have a minute? I'm looking for a guy's opinion on my new perfume. Do you like it? Ask him to smell what you're wearing.

  2. Excuse me. Can I get your opinion as a guy? What would you think of a girl who uses a pickup line on you? (He says, 'Why do you ask.) I was just wondering if girls start conversations with you if they're interested. ... I've never don't that before. ... Can you give me some advice? .... What do you usually say to start a conversation with a girl you don't know? ...

How To Start A New Conversation With A Guy Who's Cute.

Girls. It's important to be original and come up with new pickup lines all the time. Be creative. Have fun. And be observant. Take everyday situations and turn them into something funny.

Use discretion with cute pick up lines. Funny pick up lines can backfire on you if don't say them the right way. It's not easy to pull off cute comments if you're nervous around guys.

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