Dates From Hell.

  1. How to avoid them
  2. How to make the best of a bad date
  3. How to end a bad date early.

How To Avoid Dates From Hell.

  • Screen your dates very carefully before you make plans.

  • If you're meeting someone for the first time, always keep your dates brief, only for 15 minutes or a half hour.

  • Always have an excuse to leave right away or as early as possible if you see your date is going downhill fast.

Bad Dates.

If you date a lot, you will run into them. Even if you have a girlfriend or a boyfriend, uncomfortable situations can arise. It's best not be sensitive. If you are, make a conscious effort not to take anything personally.

Stay happy and positive no matter what your date says. If you can't handle your date's attitude anymore, end the date as soon as possible but never get angry. Just be firm, polite, and in control. Make it clear that you're not having a good time and want to go home now.

If you're on a first date and it's not going well you can leave anytime. Just prepare an excuse and leave.

You should always have your own transportation on a first date if you're meeting someone off the internet. It's never safe to have a stranger pick you up from home, a friend's place, or where you work. Never give personal information to people you don't know.

If you're driving home after a bad date or even a good first date, keep an eye on your rear view mirror. Make sure you're not being followed. If you are go, to a busy public place or call the police especially if your state has stalking laws.

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