First Date Nervousness.

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How Not To Be Nervous.

Do you get nervous meeting new people off the internet? Don't worry about it. Almost everyone gets a little apprehensive meeting new people for the first time. Your date will probably be nervous as well, so you'll have something in common right away. Here are some tips on how to stay calm and relaxed on all your first dates.

  1. Use affirmations. Say these affirmations to yourself over and over again throughout each day and especially before your first dates, 'I am calm and relaxed at all times'. 'My mind is clear and focused in every situation'. This may sound like nonsense if you've never done affirmations before, but it really works. Just give it some time. It took yearn for a nervous personality to develop. It will take a few weeks of constant repetition for your new affirmations to start working.

  2. Do not attach any unrealistic meanings or expectations to your first dates. If you attach a lot of importance on your first dates, you'll be nervous. So while it's a good idea to prepare some questions or potential conversations based on what your date is interested in, it's not a good idea to do a lot of 'self talk' or internal dialogue about how the date will turn out, what your date will think of you, will there be a second date, whether or not you'll say the 'right' things, ... and so on.

  3. It's just a first date. Avoid high expectations. No matter how many emails you've exchanged, it's impossible to make a love connection online. Eventually you'll need to meet them in person. That's why you should avoid exchanging a lot of emails and meet people right away. This will also reduce your first date nervousness. Understand that if you're doing internet online dating, you'll probably need to meet dozens of people before you find someone that you'd like to have more dates with.

  4. Expect to have fun on your first dates. Be positive, optimistic, and focused on having a good time, even if your date is not what you're looking for. Preparing something to talk about in advance will help you to avoid nervousness. If you didn't make the mistake of committing a lot of time to your first date, you can graciously end your date after a few minutes by explaining that you have another appointment or other plans and regrettably need to end the date early. Here's how to plan for your first date so you can get out of uncomfortable situations fast.

  5. Be compassionate all the time. Truly care about the well being of everyone, male or female. (If you're meeting an older man for a date, here's what you need to know.) People hear or sense how you 'feel' about yourself and them more than they hear the exact words that you say. If you genuinely care about people and have their best interests at heart, it is virtually impossible to say or do inappropriate things. It will be easier for you to be calm and relaxed when you're more concerned about other people, rather than preoccupied with your own needs, wants, and desires. This unspoken language of compassion works on first dates, second dates, and in all your relationships.


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