Fear Of Rejection.

  1. Being afraid of rejection is a common phobia.
  2. Learn how to overcome this fear
  3. Seven ways to ask for what you want

Seven Ways To Overcome Rejection.

Are you nervous asking people out on dates? You are not alone. Men are the most vulnerable because they are most likely to ask first. But today it's very common for women to ask men out on dates as well.

The fear of rejection should never prevent you from asking someone out. And when someone says no, it should never ruin your day. Here are seven ways to overcome this common fear:

  1. Never take a 'no' personally. They are not rejecting you. They are just saying 'no' to your invitation. There's a big difference!

  2. Make up your mind to be happy regardless of what anyone says or does.

  3. Observe every single word you tell yourself throughout the day.

  4. Eliminate negative self talk and say positive affirmations constantly.

  5. Lighten up. Ask without be attached to what the answer needs to be. A 'yes' or a 'no' should not change your mood. Either answer should be fine.

  6. Flirt with the people you ask out. Never let them know you're serious. If you ask and they go out with you, great. But if they don't, you can pretend that you didn't mean it.

  7. Pop the question as if it just came into your mind and you blurted it out without thinking. Watch carefully for their reaction. If they hesitates or their body language says no, don't wait for an answer. Just brush it off as not a good idea and quickly change the subject.

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