Fear of Women.

It's common to be nervous when you really like someone and are afraid of rejection. Luckily you're not alone. There is something you can do to calm down be comfortable talking with attractive women and asking them out.

Alcohol is not the answer although for some men this is the only way they know of to relax. There are better options. Let's take a look at them.

Why Am I Afraid?

Don't worry. You can learn to overcome your fear of women!

Most of the time men get nervous because a little voice in the back of their head tears them down. It tells them they are not good enough. They're not as good looking as other guys. No one will like them and they don't have a chance with attractive women.

The result of this constant negative self talk is fear. Stop doing this and you'll having nothing to be afraid of.

Ask yourself this. Why does my unconscious mind trash my efforts to be calm and relaxed around women? And what can I do change?

What To Do About Fear.

Do this. Spend two days, observing every single word you say to yourself. Observe all the negative self talk. That's where your unconscious mind gets it's information from. You tell it these things. Or you're feeding your mind information that causes you to be afraid every time you're around a woman you like.

Sources of negativity can be your own words, music, the people you hang out with, co-workers, friends, business associates, etc.

Once you understand where your nervousness and fear is coming from you can gradually replace your internal dialogue with words that support the kind of person you want to be. If you consciously do this for a few weeks and months, your fear of women will begin to go away.

A Simple Way To Overcome Fear Forever.

Say these statements over and over again. Start with one and say it all day. Repeat each question hundreds of times per day at every opportunity. After five days, start all over again. Do this for a month.

Notice that the word 'why' has been added to each statement to turn them into questions. This makes the statements ten times more effective. Why? Because your unconscious mind will go to work day and night trying to answer your questions. It will be answering your questions even as you sleep. Let your unconscious mind go to work. It's the easiest way to prepare for your first dates.

The answers to these questions are not important. Don't even try. What is important is that you consistently ask the questions.

You can say these questions out loud when you're alone and you can say them to yourself when you're with people. The result is your mind will be reprogrammed.

Instead of making you afraid, your mind will be giving you reassuring and encouraging messages. The more you ask these questions, the more comfortable you'll feel around all women, even the most attractive ones.

  1. Why am I calm and relaxed with all women?
  2. Why am I confident when I'm with a woman?
  3. Why do I love talking with attractive women?
  4. Why do attractive women love my confidence and inner strength?
  5. Why do attractive women find me fascinating?

Say the above five questions over and over again like a broken record and watch your fear vanish in less than 21 days!

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