First Date Advice For Girls.

Meeting A Guy For The First Time.

If you're nervous about meeting a guy for the first time, knowing what to do and preparing something to say will help you relax. Guys will find you more attractive if you're calm, cool, and confident.

In fact if you do it right, they'll be a bit nervous themselves and this is exactly what you want. Being in control will make you feel good.

Make sure to keep your first dates short, - maybe only a few minutes. Why? Because if you make plans for a longer date and you don't like him, it will be very uncomfortable. You will feel like it will never end. And if you decide to leave in the middle of a date, you might hurt his feelings.

If you like someone you're meeting for the first time, you can always say that your plans changed and you have more time. Or you can talk about going out on a longer second date.

Short first dates will also help with any date nervousness you might have. Imagine what it would be like for you if the boy you're meeting is shy and doesn't say much. Long periods of silence and staring at one another can make anyone anxious.

What Should I Wear?

Most guys also like girls who take care of themselves.

There's no need to dress up on a casual date, but you can impress a guy by looking good, doing your hair, make up, nails, etc.

Subtle hints of perfume can also be a turn on. Just sure to buy a fragrance guys like. Stay away from stuff women like. Men have different preferences.

Talk about fun things and avoid serious depressing topics.

If a guy is shy he might appreciate it if you do most of the talking, but if he likes to talk, let him go for it. You'll learn more about him so you can decide about a second date or not.

If you're quiet by nature, it's best to ask a few good questions and let your date do most of the talking.

What Questions Should I Ask?

  • I love your profile. Tell me more about yourself.
  • What should I know about you?
  • So what was it like growing up ... in the big city, ... in the sticks, ...

What's The Best Way To End A Date?

You should know what time the date will be ending before it starts so when it's time to say good bye shake hands or hug if you're both comfortable hugging. If you're not sure ask.

Some guys will ask you out on a second date. Some won't. Others might ask you later.

Always leave on a friendly note even if you don't like someone. If they ask you out again and you're not interested you have a choice of several responses. Be prepared in advance as to what you will say.

How To Say No To A Guy.

  • Ah, ... that's sweet! I don't want to hurt your feelings, but I'm not available for a second date. I know you'll find the right girl soon.

  • I'm flattered that you like me and thanks for asking, but I don't feel a spark. That's very important to me and I'm willing to wait. Do you hate me for being honest?

  • Thank-you but I just started dating a guy that I kind of like. I want to see where it goes first. I hope you'll understand. ... ( Let's be friends. ...)

  • I had fun but we're not interested in the same things. One of my friends might be perfect for you. Do you want me to ask her? I can't promise she'll say yes, but I can ask, if it's okay with you.

  • You're a nice guy, but not exactly my type. I'm very picky and I'll probably never find someone I like. Some lucky girl will make the moves on you soon.

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