First Date Advice For Men.

Men. It's your job to make the first move. Most women expect this. Avoid internet dating by email. Don't waste more than a few minutes typing messages.

After three or four times start inviting them out for coffee. You want to meet women ASAP instead of investing countless hours online with someone who might not be compatible or attractive to you.

How Long Should First Dates Be?

First dates should be very simple and casual. Coffee is excellent. Any public place that is quiet and inexpensive.

The first time you meet someone, don't commit a lot of time for the date. That way if you're not interested or the situation is uncomfortable you can leave quickly without hurting the other person's feelings.

If you like someone, and they have some time, you might say that your appointment got cancelled last minute and you can spend more time with them than you thought. The other option is to ask them out on a second date. Make this one longer. Use discretion and common sense

What To Do Before Meeting Someone.

If you want to attract a girl make sure you dress nicely and your breath smells good. Even though you probably won't kiss her, it's a turn off if you've been eating onions and garlic.

Along the same lines buy yourself an expensive cologne women are nuts over. One of the biggest mistakes men make is wearing cheap aftershave and too much of it. A couple of drops of fragrance will go a long way in impressing a woman.

Don't go by what smells good to you or other men. Find out what women like. You'll find that the smells men like are different.

What To Do If You Get Nervous On A Date?

If you're nervous about meeting women for the first time don't worry too much about it. If there's going to be a spark or chemistry, you'll both feel it even if you're a bit nervous.

That's one of the reasons first dates should only be for a few minutes. Prepare some interesting questions based on what you know about her. Try to get her talking by taking an interest in her. Avoid talking too much about yourself. Focus on her and listen to what she says.

Things Not To Talk About On A First Date.

Never talk about inappropriate things like past relationships, problems, or personal issues you're dealing with. Keep the conversation light and fun.

There will be plenty of time to discuss serious topics if you end up going out again.

How To End A Date.

One last word of advice. On short first dates, a hand shake is usually all that's expected at the end of your date.

If she's very friendly, she might be open to a hug. Approach her cautiously. Or ask if she's a 'hugger'. Use common sense.

If you made the mistake of going out on a very long romantic first date and it worked out for you, a kiss might be appropriate.

Many guys also like to ask about a second date if they really like someone. It's usually more comfortable asking for a second date in person rather than on the phone. But it's optional.

If she says 'yes' right away it's a good sign. If she hesitates and seems lost for words, you'll know right away that she's probably not too interested.

Be sure to read all the articles I've written on first dates. Many of them go into specific details. Knowing today's dating rules will save you time and help you become more popular with women.

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