First Date Nervousness.

  • Stop being nervous.
  • Stay calm and relaxed at all times.
  • Permanently cure nervousness forever.

Most people wish there was a non addictive pill or something they could do to remain calm when meeting someone for the first time. Although drugs and alcohol can numb the senses, our dates will probably notice that there is something wrong.

We want to be wide awake and alert when we meet people we're interested in. We just don't want to be nervous. The only cure is to know where our nervousness comes from and take steps to stop this unwanted behavior forever.

Why Do I Get Nervous On Dates?

  • Chemical imbalances
  • Physical conditions
  • Unconscious mental mind chatter

Oftentimes negative messages we give our brain can affect chemical disturbances and how our physical body behaves in stressful situations. After all, our brain controls all our automatic reactions such as breathing, heart rate, body temperature, etc.

Learn How To Stay Calm.

Is there is nothing we can do if we have a nervous personality? Does this mean our nervousness habits are permanent? No!

If this were true, all people would be nervous to the same degree. That isn't true. Some people are scared stiff meeting someone for the first time. They get sweaty palms, nervous twitches, pounding heart rate, anxiety, and a severe symptoms.

Other people hardly notice they're a little apprehensive. What's the difference between these people? It's the messages they tell their brain!

We're not aware of what we say out loud and to ourselves because we say the same things over and over again. Many of these messages are negative.

Here's an example of some negative suggestions, singles repeat over and over again:

Saying These Things Will Make You Nervous.

  1. Why am I so nervous?
  2. Why can't I relax?
  3. Why am I so afraid of meeting new people?
  4. Why am I so afraid to go out on first dates?
  5. Can I trust people on the internet?
  6. All the good men are taken
  7. Why can't I find someone nice?
  8. Why are all men jerks?
  9. Why are women a pain in the neck
  10. You can't trust anyone
  11. Never talk to strangers
  12. I hate meeting someone new!

Is There A Cure For Nervousness?

Gain the cooperation of your unconscious mind. Stop saying negative questions, words, and phrases.

Watch what you say and notice what you are doing. You are unconsciously telling you brain that your world is unsafe and there are good reasons to dislike someone new. Your body reacts by getting nervous.

How Can I Stay Calm On First Dates?

  • Become aware of your internal dialogue.
  • Undo the mental programming.
  • Replace negative words with positive suggestions.

The best way to stop destructive mind chatter is to consciously repeat more positive messages or affirmations.

For example, if you notice that you keep saying 'I hate meeting someone new' over and over again, make a minor adjustment and say this more positive statement all day long, 'Why do I love meeting new people on first dates?'

Take another look at the list of twelve common things that people say that causes them to be nervous and stressed out .

  • Reword those statements so that they convey a better message.

  • If you find yourself saying anything negative, stop doing it.

  • Then turn what you say around so that your unconscious mind will cooperate with you dates instead of making you nervous.

Any new messages will feel unnatural because the old messages are a habit. But after saying new more positive affirmations for a few hours, they will become fun.

Within a few days it will become your new habit.

Then when you meet someone for the first time, your mind will automatically repeat all the reasons why you love meeting new people on first dates!

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