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When To Meet For The First Time.

Most first dates should be made during the day or early in the evening. Breakfast, lunch, or after work might work. Weekends during the day are good time as well.

Avoid making first dates on Friday or Saturday nights. These are 'date nights'. If you're available during these times, people might take it the wrong way. They might assume you're desperate or not popular or perhaps you're not a good catch. With people you don't know, you should always be busy at night on the weekends even if you aren't.

What To Do On A First Date.

First dates should be very short even if you've spent a lot of time exchanging emails and talking on the phone.

Expectations might be high but reality will set in when you finally meet for the first time.

The biggest mistakes people make is spending too much time online with one person and then being very disappointed when that individual doesn't match our expectations.

Avoid bad first dates by keeping them brief. Make it a rule.

Since first dates should only be fifteen minutes or a half hour, you're limited in what you can do.

If you've established a long distance relationship online, your first date might need to be much longer and there will be more things you can do.

First date ideas:

  1. Coffee shop
  2. Dessert or ice cream
  3. Meet at the mall
  4. Meet at a busy museum
  5. Walk in a busy park during the day

It's a good idea to meet at any busy public place and make it clear that you only have a few minutes because you have 'other plans'. If you like someone, you can try to change your next appointment or talk about a second date.

Mr Right.

Once upon a time, a beautiful woman and a handsome man met online. They exchanged thousands of emails and fell madly in love. Months later they met for the first time. The chemistry was so intense that within a week Mr Right proposed. A month later they were married and lived happily ever after. The end.

Yes the above story is an online romance that dreams are made of. Alas, it is but a fairy tale. Singles who are good at online dating, use the internet as a tool to meet thousands of people but they don't fall in love with strangers they've never met. The possibility of finding love online starts after the first date.

That's why some singles plan several first dates on the same day. This is smart. They carefully read online profiles. Then they exchange two or three emails and make arrangements for a fifteen minute meeting at a nearby coffee shop. Perhaps they talk on the phone as well. Once they meet someone they like, they keep in touch by email and make plans for a longer second date.

First Date Questions and Conversation.

Prepare to ask open ended questions to get your date to talk. These are the best first date questions. Then after you ask a question, listen carefully. Your goal is to learn as much as possible and make a good impression especially if you happen to like your first date. You can do this by asking good open ended questions and being a good listener.

Avoid talking too much about yourself. Give thoughtful answers but keep them short and to the point. Avoid long stories.

What not to talk about on first dates.

  1. Your ex
  2. Your children
  3. Where you work
  4. Personal information
  5. What you don't like (stay positive)
  6. What you're looking for in a partner
  7. Conversations that are sexual in nature

What To Wear On A First Date.

It's important to be neat, clean, and well groomed if you want to make a good impression. Since first dates should be short, casual clothing is usually recommended. If you're meeting after work, business attire might be appropriate. If you're meeting on a weekend during the day, street clothes might be alright.

Always consider where you're going before deciding on what to wear. Just as important as what to wear, you should also pay attention to personal hygiene.

Bad breath, too much cheap perfume, heavy makeup, and body odors can be a big turn off.

Kissing And Holding Hands On First Dates.

Unless your first date ends up being six hours, it's usually not appropriate to kiss or hold hands.

If your date happens to last a very long time and some chemistry has made things hot, kissing and holding hands might be very romantic.

Always make sure that the next step is comfortable and natural. Feelings should be mutual. Nothing should be forced. Holding hands and kissing should be spontaneous if and when the moment is right.

How To End A First Date.

If you notice that your date innocently touches you from time to time during your conversation it might be appropriate to end a first date with a hug. A hand shake seems cold and business like. It says, 'your nice but probably not for me'.

Hugs are more personal. Be observant and respectful. If you're not sure, ask before you hug. You could say, 'I always hug my friends when I greet them or say goodbye. Would you like one?'

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