Men. Learn How To Flirt Like A Pro In Just Three Weeks!

Be Confident With Women.

One of the keys to being a good flirt is to eliminate your fears, nervousness, and lack of confidence.

If you're serious about being a lady's man with lots of attractive women interested in you all the time, this article is for your answer. Read it several times. This information can change your life in less than one month!

  • Guys who know how to flirt and joke around can have almost any woman they want.
  • Women fall for men who are self confident and outgoing.

If you're a natural at it you're probably not reading dating tips on how to flirt. Don't worry about being shy. Flirting is a learnt technique! Almost anyone can become better and better at flirting. All it takes is some time and lots of practice.

Being calm and relaxed at all times is the key to your success with women. If you expect to become good at flirting you must get any nervousness around women under control first.

It might seem impossible if you have naturally nervous personality, but it's really quite easy for any man to relax in any situation if you are willing to practice a mindless technique I've included in this article.

Why Do I Get Nervous Talking To Women?

The best way to relax is not alcohol and drugs. If you want to impress high quality, attractive women it's best to avoid dependence on substances. How can you be calm and relaxed if you're normally a shy, introverted person? All it takes is practice.

The more you do it, the more confident you will become. The more confident you become the easier it is to relax. At first you might be uncomfortable but flirting is like any other skill. Almost all guys are nervous around good looking women even though they don't show it.

One of the best ways to remain calm and relaxed at all times is to use affirmations.

Just say the words out loud or in your head ' I am calm and relaxed at all times' . Do this over and over again all day long.

If you're with people no one will know what you're doing but you. Affirmations does two things.

  1. Repeating this statement will eventually make you calm and relaxed in any situation!
  2. A positive statement takes your mind off negative things you may unconsciously be thinking of.

It can take up to three weeks of constant repetition to see dramatic results in your personality.

You can supercharge this affirmation by say it this way, 'Why am I calm and relaxed at all times?' Saying your affirmation in the form of a question tricks the mind into searching for the answer even when you stop saying the affirmation.

So if you ask this question all day long, your brain will continue working on this question as you sleep every night!

Remember. It took years to develop a nervous personality. Three weeks or less is not a long time to cure nervous habits forever.

How To Flirt.

One of the reasons flirting doesn't work when we're nervous is because it's hard to have to be playful and care free when we're uncomfortable.

To be good at flirting, people need to be calm, relaxed, and natural. It's not so much what you say or do, but it's about how you feel. If you feel confident, poised, and top of the world without any fears, flirting can be second nature.

Most men don't 'learn how to flirt'. They make up the rules of flirting on the spot when they're feeling good and are living in the moment.

When you're into a woman and like her a lot, flirting is easy. If you're nervous, she'll be nervous too and flirting won't work.

Of course if she's nervous and you aren't, some of her nervous feelings can rub off on you if you're not careful. If she's nervous, become aware that she's nervous and not you!

Keep saying your affirmation over and over again in your mind as you jokingly try to make her relax. If you can be funny, real, and human, perhaps she'll let her guard down and relax.

If you're good at flirting you can make most nervous women relax, and once they relax, the interaction between the two of you will be natural. You won't need to think about what to do or say.

How To Flirt Without Being Nervous.

The number one mistake is being nervous and we already talked about that. Don't buy into the belief that you can't do anything about it or that nervousness is who you are. Any man can learn to be calm and relaxed.

Yes there are other ways to calm the mind and stay in the moment such as meditation or spiritual exercises but the most mindless way to regain a calm and relaxed personality is just to repeat the affirmation I gave you like a broken record.

How To Tell What A Woman Is Thinking.

The second mistake men make is they don't pick up on signals women give them. Women communicate differently than men. They think they're being very clear but most women are not direct. They are subtle.

For example a woman who isn't interested in you might say 'I don't think I'm ready for dating right now'. What she really wants to say is 'Get lost buddy. I'm not in the least bit interested in you.'

But men take these subtle phrases differently.

Some men will assume she's playing hard to get or she warm up after a couple of drinks or there is still hope, ...

Women also communicate in tone of voice, eye contact, touch, and body language.

Become sensitive to how women think and behave. This will enhance your flirting skills.

How Do I Know If A Woman Is Interested?

The third biggest mistake men make when flirting, is flirting with the wrong women.

Flirting is essentially sales. You're selling yourself by being playful, funny, and suggestive. But if someone isn't interested in what you have to offer you're wasting valuable time.

Only flirt with women who are interested and available.

For example if you're at a bar or a social event be observant. Watch women and watch who's watching you. Don't be too quick to pounce on the first woman that catches you're eye and then spend most of the evening trying to make her like you.

It's best to flirt with woman where the attraction is mutual. That way both of you can relax and flirting can be natural. It's almost impossible to flirt with someone who's decided they don't like you or they like someone else much more than they like you.

Flirting Tips. Seven Things You Can Do.

  • Be calm and relaxed at all times (practice saying this affirmation constantly if you're nervous and shy with women)

  • Other good affirmation are 'Why am I calm and relaxed in any situation? Why am I so lucky? Why do women love flirting with me? Why do good things always happen to me? Why is flirting so easy? Why am I such a big flirt? ... '

  • Avoid serious discussions. Keep conversations playful and fun.

  • Don't come on too strong and scare her away.

  • Watch for signals that she's interested or not interested in you.

  • Don't waste your time with women who give you the cold shoulder (no matter how much you like them)

  • Spend most of your time looking for women who want to flirt with you.

Any man can learn to be a good flirt. Even if you're nervous around women now, in less than three weeks that can be a distant memory. Flirting is easy when you're calm and relaxed. It's also important to focus on women who want to flirt with you!

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