Funny New Pickup Lines For Girls To Use On Guys.

  • Funny pickup lines for girls to use on guys.

Here's what works when you're trying to use humor to start a conversation with someone you don't know.

13 Funny Pickup Lines That Work. Men Love Humor!

  1. So what does a girl need to do to get picked up around here?

  2. Nine guys tried to pick me up tonight. Would you like to be number ten?

  3. Do you want to practice your pickup lines on me? Do you have any funny ones?

  4. I wish guys would stop using cheap pickup lines. I'm a classy woman. Why don't they just go up to a girl they like and kiss them?

  5. I've heard some pretty good pick up lines tonight, but I'm not biting. I'm looking for a guy that's a little on the shy side.

  6. I could really fall for a guy like you but there's a rumor floating around that you're not available.

  7. I'm all dressed up and no one is paying attention to me tonight. Do you have any suggestions?

  8. I'm sure all the guys around her are married. ... Everyone wants to pick me up but they get nervous when I ask for their phone number.

  9. I've been sitting here alone for five whole minutes! Gee, ... what does a girl need to do to get hit on?

  10. Everyone is trying to take me home tonight. Just for once I'd like to take a guy home. What do you think?

  11. I love shopping. Who would you recommend if I was in the market for a new boyfriend?

  12. I love this place. It looks like a used car lot. Everyone's been been around the block a few times.

  13. I'm in heaven. I love bargains and it looks like most of the guys around here are pretty cheap. (If you're in a meat market or in the right setting this might work.)

Avoid Humor If You're Nervous Around Guys.

The problem with funny pick up lines is you can't be nervous if you want them to work.

They need to be natural and spontaneous. If you're a funny girl and with a hilarious sense of humor, you'll think of funny things to say automatically as long as you know how to stay calm and relaxed.

If you're nervous, no matter what you say will be funny, because it will be very obvious that you're interested. You might as well go up to him and say, 'Take me. I'm yours.'

If you get nervous around men, the best thing you can do is avoid humor and funny pick up lines. They are only for girls that are confident around men and good at flirting. Of course if you're good at flirting and starting conversations with guys by joking around, you wouldn't be reading this article.

So it's catch 22. The only way you'll be able to pull off funny pick up lines on a man is if you're in the mood to be playful and you say outrageous things without being too serious about it. Some girls just can't do it. Others are good at saying things in a funny way.

All humorous pick up lines will work if you're not serious and you say them naturally in a funny way. Ever notice how one people can say the joke and every laughs their head off. Another person says exactly the same thing and no one finds it funny! It's all in the way you say it. Practice in a mirror and if you're not good at it, meet new guys with pickup lines that work for you.

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