How To Get Your Ex-Husband Back.

If you really love your ex husband chances are he feels the same way too, even though it may not be obvious. How can you tell? And what can you do?

If you ex husband displays any emotions towards you good or bad there is still an attachment and that's a positive sign if you want him back.

If he's indifferent and displays no emotion whatsoever, it's not a good sign. Indifference towards you usually means that he doesn't love you but he doesn't hate you either. He just wants to move on with his life without you.

What Can You Do If Your Ex Husband Doesn't Want To Get Back Together.

Really there's nothing you can do to force someone to love you if they don't. And the next question is why would you want someone special in your life who doesn't love you? You might love them, but how happy will you be long term if your not getting any love back?

Forcing, pushing, and controlling never works. Even if you are successful they will always resent you.

In addition you'll never feel loved because you know you forced them into getting back together with you.

Even if your ex husband eventually takes you back you'll be wondering if he wanted you or if you made him feel so guilty, he felt he had no choice. Such an approach will not lead to a happy reunion.

What Can I Do To Get Him Back?

The only thing you can do is 'attract' him back into your life. The way to do this is to look at your relationship from his perspective. Not yours!

Remember you want him back and he's not making the first move. One way to 'sell' him on the idea of getting back together is to make a list of gripes he has about you and what can you can do to make HIM happy.

Basically you need to do three things

  • Admit that the reason for the break up was all your fault, even if it wasn't
  • Apologize and ask to be forgiven
  • Explain what you will do so that he will never want to break up with you again

Admittedly the three steps as simple as they are, will not be easy because our ego will fight us 100%. Our ego wants to be right even though our heart wants something else. Only you can decide what's right for you. Our ego also resists because it doesn't want to be rejected.

Should I Be Honest About My Feelings?

Your ex husband may not know how you feel about him. He may know if you're angry or upset but he may not know that you still love him.

  1. Will you tell him how much he means to you and risk rejection?

  2. Are you willing to take a chance?

  3. You could wait for him to make the first move but it may never happen.

  4. If you love him, now is the time to say something.

  5. Don't wait.

The longer you wait the harder it will be to get together. Once he finds someone else or if already has someone, you may regret that you didn't act quickly.

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