Holding Hands On A First Date.

If your first date is a long one and you're in a romantic setting, holding hands might feel perfectly natural. Let's suppose you're having a drink in a dimly lit restaurant and dinner afterwards. You're both very much into each other and you can feel a strong connection.

However most first dates are not that romantic. If you're meeting a stranger off the internet, your first date should be very short. This way you can leave quickly if you want to. Holding hands at the coffee shop probably won't feel comfortable if one or both of you are nervous and apprehensive.

Here are some dating tips for women and what you can do if a man tries to hold your hand on a first date.

Holding Hands.

If you like a man, you might not mind him touching you or even giving you a kiss on a first date. But since it's a first date, you might not feel comfortable. What can you do if he tries to touch you too soon?

Please remember that even though men appear to be strong and macho, their feelings can be easily hurt. They may not tell you, but deep inside they'll resent you if you speak in a disrespectful way.

It's a good idea to tell men in no uncertain words what your limits and boundaries are, but always speak with kindness if you're dealing with a nice guy that you'd like to see again.

For example if a man wants to hold your hand or touch you and you don't want him to do it, tell him, but there's no need to make him feel bad by getting angry or speaking in a harsh tone of voice to get your message across.

Confused Guys.

Because a guy doesn't know you well, he'll be confused about what he can and can't do with you on a first date. Most men will try to find out what your limits are by testing them. This is what most women expect from men. Men won't ask you what your limits are. They'll just do it and see what reaction they get.

Men don't know if they should hold your hand on the first date or not so they try and see what happens. They don't know what you expect from them. Most men will respect you much more if you honestly communicated your boundaries and limits in a understanding, kind, and clear way.

So be flattered that a man wants to hold your hand or kiss you. He likes you. However you might not feel the same way. That's ok. Tell him honestly that you're flattered he wants to kiss you or hold your hand. Tell him he's a gentleman or a nice guy, then follow that statement with a clear statement about your limits for first dates.

Communicate Clearly.

Men rarely meet a woman they like who can communicate clearly in a kind and respectful way without sending mixed messages. Your approach will be a refreshing change from what he's used to. Stand up to men but do it in a respectful way. By respecting your first dates, they are likely respect you in return.

By following these guidelines, whether or not to hold hands on first dates should never be an issue. Honest communication with kindness and respect is always the best way handle matters so everyone understands the dating rules but no one gets hurt.

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