How To Ask A Guy Out On A Date.

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Things To Consider Before Asking.

  • Usually men ask women out on dates. Instead of asking a guy out on a date, most women find ways to hint they are interested by flirting. If you're good at being irresistible, then you may not need to ask a guy out. If your guy is sensitive to your subtle moves, he may want to ask you out.

  • In spite of your efforts to attract the guy you're interested in, there may be reasons why he is playing hard to get. Perhaps he's already in a relationship or interested in someone else. Or maybe he's just too focused on other issues to consider dating you.

  • Flirting is worth a try especially if you're shy. You can flirt in person, on the phone, or by email. Just be light hearted and playful. This way you're making yourself available without the risk of rejection. If you ask a guy out on a date and he says 'no' it can damage your ego.

Subtle Ways To Ask A Guy Out.

There are lots of ways to ask a guy out on a date without appearing to be desperate. Be creative. A lot will depend on how long you've known him and what your current relationship is with him. Here are some ways you can ask a guy out.

General Guidelines For Asking Someone Out.

  • Flirt as much as you can before popping the question.
  • Look for signs that he's interested in you.
  • If he's already flirting with you, asking him out could be easy.
  • Don't be too serious about it. Just relax. Have fun with it.
  • Invite him into your space and be specific.

The Easy Way To Ask A Guy Out On A Date.

Call, email, or ask him in person. Here's how to do it. Buy two tickets for an event and explain that your girlfriend can't make it. You don't want to waste the tickets and go alone. Ask him to join you if he's available.

If you're too shy to do this, consider asking a mutual friend to speak with him about the same situation. You have two tickets. You're friend backed out. His he willing to go with you? Your friend could suggest that he calls you. As you can see this way of asking is much more complicated. And even though it seems easier it really isn't. You'll still need to deal with him directly.

So the best way to as him out on a date is to just ask.

  • Be relaxed, casual, and friendly.
  • Don't appear desperate.
  • Just pop the question quickly without much thought.

If he says 'no', don't take it personally.

If you're interested in several guys and one says no, it's not a big deal. And that's the way you should look at it. Sure you like him, but he's not the only one.

If you're looking for someone who loves you, it's just as important to consider how much he likes you.

Another Why To Ask A Man Out On A Date.

Once again you can call, email, or speak with him in person. Relax and don't be too serious. If you're nervous or over think this, you may scare him off. Remember all the times someone asked you out and you were nervous. How did you feel?

Ask yourself what you normally do or like to do. Then invite him into 'your space' or invite him to join you for an activity you enjoy.

Here's an example of how your conversation might go.

'Yes that was very interesting. I really like talking with you. Hey, maybe we can continue this conversation tomorrow night. On Thursdays I usually hang out at the coffee shop with my friends. Would you like to join us?'

The Game Plan For Asking A Guy Out For The First Time.

  • Don't commit to a long date unless you know him well.
  • Avoid first dates on Friday or Saturday nights.
  • Keep it simple and inexpensive if possible.
  • Have fun and avoid serious conversations.
  • Make plans for a second date if things go well.

Things Not To Say Or Do When Asking A Guy For A Date.

  • Don't ask him if he's interested in going out 'sometime'. Be specific.
  • Don't scare him off by being too serious or nervous. Relax and be playful.
  • Don't get upset if he says no.

What If He Say's No?

Rejection his always possible when you ask anyone out. Guys deal with rejection all the time. Don't worry about it. There are plenty of nice guys you can go out with. Just be friendly, outgoing, and remember to smile all the time. Women who know how to flirt and play, will have no problem attracting men.

If he says no, it might be that he's not interested in you. But it could be that he's just not available at the moment. The fact that you asked him out, sends a clear message that you're interested. Now it's his turn to ask you out if he wants to. Just make sure he has a way of contacting you and leave it at that on a friendly, happy note. You may be surprised. He may call you and ask you out on a date!

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