How To Get A Guy To Like You.

  • Know how guys think
  • Know what guys want
  • Know what turns men off

Here are some fun ideas on how to make him like you.

How Guys Think.

Every man is different but generally speaking there are some things that women do, that drives men crazy (in a bad way). Avoid turning him off and look for ways to make him like you.

Here's what most men don't like:

  1. A girl that doesn't take care of her appearance
  2. Negative words, attitudes, and body language
  3. Mysterious girls that are cold and hard to read
  4. Girls that can't focus on one subject
  5. Girls that talk too much
  6. Girls that don't listen
  7. Needy women that are 'clingy'

How To Get A Guy To Notice You.

  1. Flirt, smile, use body language, be subtle but let him know you're interested
  2. Treat him differently than you treat other men. He will notice
  3. Watch your appearance. Always look your best

How to Get Him To Ask You Out.

  1. Make it safe for him to ask. Men are afraid of rejection
  2. Some men are afraid of women they like the most. Make him relax
  3. Joke around, be happy, then pop the question, 'so when are we going out?'

If you approach him in a fun, playful way without being too serious, there's little possibility for rejection.

How To Keep A Guy You Like.

You have him. Now what? How do you keep him interested in you? How do you stop him from looking elsewhere? How do you take your relationship to the next level? How do you get him to like you long term?

No matter how much you like him, never, ever let him know it! Always keep your guy guessing.

Dating rules for how to keep your man happy:

  1. Be creative. Don't be boring.
  2. Be spontaneous and unpredictable
  3. Be subtle but let him know that other men are interested.
  4. He should know that other guys will take you in a heartbeat if he messes up.
  5. Never tell him you can't live without him or he means the world to you, etc.
  6. When you want and 'need' him, you push him away.
  7. Be independent and he'll always be looking for ways to keep you!

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