How To Make A Good Impression With A Guy.

  • How To Impress Someone You're Meeting For The First Time.

First dates are exciting but they're often stressful as well. We make a good impression when we're calm, relaxed, and genuinely interested in another person. This is not always easy to do if we're nervous about meeting people for the first time.

Fortunately, it's easy to learn a few techniques most men find attractive. This way even if we are nervous, we can increase the chances that the guy we're meeting will like us and ask us out for a second date.

Five Things You Can Do When You Meet Someone.

Most guys find a woman attractive if they listen intently and ask questions about what they're interested in. For example if a man is obviously interested in his new car, you might want to ask questions related to his purchase.

Prove that you're paying attention, by asking open ended questions where a yes or no answer is difficult or impossible.

For example if he talks about golf, you might say something like 'that's interesting, … I've been thinking of taking lessons, what kind of advice can you give a beginner like myself?'

Of course 'dressing for success' always works to impress men. They will notice that you take care of yourself. If you're meeting at a coffee shop, an elegant evening gown would be overkill but you can wear attractive casual clothing, do up your hair, wear make up, be neat, and clean.

Fragrance attracts men as well. Find out what men like by asking you male friends. Don't rely on your own preferences or another woman. Women prefer certain scents that men hate.

Learn what guys like (unless you prefer to attract women). Always get opinions from men as to what smells good. It doesn't matter how old a man is, so you can ask men of any age what they like. It's best to use perfume sparingly. Too much or the wrong kind will turn guys off!

Avoid nervous habits. Even if you are nervous, be conscious and observe your body language.

  • Are you looking at him straight in the eye when he speaks or you're speaking with him?

  • Are you leaning into him a bit to hear what he has to say? Or are your arms crossed as if you're protecting yourself?

  • Are your legs nervously twitching?

Practice watching yourself in the mirror and see if you have any distracting habits some men might find unattractive especially the first time you meet with them.

Avoid controversial topics or talking too much about yourself. Interesting brief comments in response to his questions is good. Then look for ways to get him to open up. The more talking he does, the more impressed he'll be with you. Guys like women who listen and take an interest in them.

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