How To Make An Older Guy Like You.

  • How to get an older guy to notice you
  • How to let him know you're interested
  • How to attract older men

If you're young, older men might be a challenge. Most of them are looking for someone their own age.

Many are interested in dating women much older than them especially if they're mature. However if you're in your thirties or older, you'll have no problems attracting older guys. They love younger women.

Five Subtle Ways To Let An Older Man Know You're Interested Without Being Too Obvious.

  • Be available
  • Take an interest in him
  • Smile and be friendly
  • Do nice little things for him
  • Flirt. Joke around about going out or how hot he is

'Make' Someone Like You?

Of course you can't 'make' someone like you if they don't. Even if you succeed, they will resent that you manipulating them. All you can do is attract an older man. Guys have the same problem. They might like a woman but 'making' her go out with him is usually a waste of time. The same is true for you.

Why He Doesn't Ask You On A Date.

If an older man likes you, great! Perhaps the only reason he's hesitating to ask you out is because you're so much younger and he fears rejection.

Or if you've been friends with him for a long time, he might not want to risk damaging that friendship by pursuing you romantically.

How To Get An Older Guy To Ask You Out.

If you like an older man, make sure he likes you first before you try to attract him.

  • Does he show signs that he likes you?
  • Or does he avoid you?

If an older guy likes you and is afraid to ask you out on a date, it's easy to start going out with him. Just reassure him that it's safe to ask you out, and that you won't reject him. Over course you can imply this in a subtle, not too obvious way.

Dating Older Men.

If You're Under Age, Stay Away From Older Guys!

This website is for men and women who are of legal age and older.

If you're under age, please understand that an older guy should not be asking you out on a date, - even if they like you a lot.

It's too risky. Getting involved romantically with someone under the legal age can land a young man behind bars for a very long time even if you don't complain or say anything.

If you're not of legal age, please do not consider attracting older guys. Be honest about your age. Someone who really likes you will wait. In the meantime, stay out of trouble. Date guys your own age.

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