How to Pick Up Guys.

  • The 'one word' pickup line that works with guys.
  • How to get the guy you want.
  • How to be subtle and not too obvious.

The One Word Pickup Line For Girls.

How do you start a conversation with a guy you don't know?

If you're at a social event and the man is by himself, it's pretty easy. Not too many women approach guys or try to pick them up, so almost anything will work.

Guys are flattered when a woman or several girls who are out on the town, take an interest in them or even just say 'Hi!' Sometimes that all you need to do.

Imagine that, a one work pick up line.

If a guy likes you he'll probably run with it and try to start a conversation with you!

Just by saying a one word greeting, you're telling a guy in a subtle way that it's safe to talk with you. After a brief conversation, if you're with your friends, all you need to do is invite him to sit with your group so he doesn't need to be 'alone'.

Most women prefer funny pick up lines because that way there's less risk of rejection. Humor is more subtle and less obvious that 'let's go out on a date'. It's classy to know several subtle ways of asking a man out on a date.

Another way to break the ice and start a conversation is to talk about something you observe that is funny.

Avoid complaints or anything negative if you want your pick up lines to work.

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