How To Stay Calm And Relaxed On First Dates.

Internet dating and meeting someone for the first time, can make anyone nervous. It's natural. Fortunately there are things you can do to relax.

For some people this will be easy. However if you have anxiety issues or nervous habits a little more effort will make a big difference. When you're not anxious, you'll be more attractive to your date and he or she will be more impressed. If you like someone you meet and want a second date with them, being calm and relaxed is important.

Most of what you need to do is train your mind to focus on each moment of life rather than to rehearse the same old mental pictures over and over again.

You may have tried this in the past and I bet it didn't work. However by using these techniques consistently for a couple of weeks you can permanently undo most of the nervousness you have meeting new people for the first time.

How Not To Be Nervous on A First Date.

Without any conscious thought, our mind warns us of all the bad things that can happen when we meet people we don't know. These unconscious suggestions causes us to fear anyone new. The way to undo nervous habits is to eliminate the irrational fear that seems so real. Our right brain invokes the primitive flight or fight response which causes us to be afraid and get nervous.

Where does our brain get the idea that we should be afraid of anyone new? Believe it or not, we talk to ourselves in our mind all day long. Without thinking about it we make judgments about what we see and hear. Then internally we perceive situations as safe or dangerous. All our brain does is repeat what we've already told it!

So the way to overcome nervousness and fear of meeting someone new for the first time, is to change your 'self talk' either out loud or internally. If you do this over and over again, perhaps a thousand times or more a day, you will notice a calmer personality in less than a week. If you keep doing it, you'll be amazed at the new more confident you that you will experience in less than a month!

How To Stop Being Nervous.

To overcome nervousness on first dates, say these words. 'Why am I calm and relaxed at all times?' If you're by yourself say it out loud. If you're with people say it to yourself. No one will know what you're doing, but they will notice a big change in your personality.

Why say this in the form of a question? Because the word 'why' is the most powerful word on the planet if you to improve your world. Think about it. What is the most common young children say over an over again and why do they learn so much so fast? They say the word 'why' constantly.

Ask this question all day long no matter what you're doing. Never take a break. It does two things. You will gain the support of your unconscious mind when you meet new people and in all situations. Also it will be impossible for your brain to give you fearful messages when you're thinking about how you want your life to be.

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