Does An Older Woman You Like Her. How To Ask Her Out Without Being Rejected.

  1. How you can tell if she likes you.
  2. Will she go out with you on a date?
  3. How to make the moves on an older woman and win her heart.

Find Out If She's Interested In You First. 5 Ways To Know.

Before you tell an older woman that you like her, it's best to find out if she's interested in you.

  • Will she go out with you on a date?
  • How to ask her out

Women are more subtle and less obvious, but if she likes you, she'll flirt and say things to make it easy for you to ask her on a date. Perhaps she wants to ask you out, but is afraid of rejection. So, instead of asking, she communicates by flirting, tone of voice, body language, and other dating signals to let you know it's safe to ask her out.

Watch how she behaves with other men.

  1. If she is treating you differently, chances are good that you can ask her out and she'll say yes.

  2. Does she go out of her way to speak with you.

  3. Does she look for opportunities to innocently touch or come very close?

  4. If both of you are sitting down, does she lean towards you and make a lot of eye contact?

  5. Does she cross her legs in your direction? If so this is a good sign. Be aware of her body language and try to match it.

Unless you are not afraid of rejection, it's best to see if she's interested in you first before you say anything. After all if she isn't interested, what's the point of making a fool of yourself?

Tell An Older Woman You Like Her. How To Do It Without Being Obvious.

One of the safest ways of telling an older woman that you like her, is to use your body language instead of words. She will most likely do the same if she's interested in you.

All you need to do go out of your way to bump into her. Innocently touch her in the process of conversation without being too obvious. Then notice how she reacts.

Make a lot of eye contact. Joke around with her. Flirt!

Treat her like someone your own age. If you make a big deal that she's older, it's a turn off and she'll be nervous about going out with you. Love has no age barriers unless you create them.

One of the best ways of telling any woman that you like her, whether she's younger or older is to hold her in your arms and see how it feels. Does that sound impossible? Not really. Make an excuse to meet her alone or with friends, nothing serious, and don't call it a date. If you can go to a club with her, even if it's in a group setting, you can ask her for a dance and see what happens.

Softly look into her eyes and see how close she gets to you. Notice if the chemistry is mutual. Let it happen naturally. Don't force anything. If she kisses you, or lets you get close while on the dance floor, you can ask her out on a date point blank and chances are good that she'll say yes.

On the other hand if she's distant or doesn't look at you while she's dancing, it's likely that she's not interested in you or she's just not interested in younger men. If you see this, don't waste your time, move on and find someone else. Love is a two way street. If her body is screaming 'no', there's not much you can say to make her change her mind.

How To Flirt With An Older Woman And Say That You Like Her.

When we really like someone it's easy to get nervous. When this happens, we make women nervous about us. How can you stay calm and relaxed? The best way is to be more concerned about her feelings instead of yours. In other words, the more you want her, the less likely you'll get her. The more you don't care, the more likely you can have almost any older woman you want.

That's why, even though you like an older woman, you should have a 'don't care' attitude. In other words if she says yes to a date, that's good. But if she says, no, that's good too. Women like confident, powerful men. If you can project that manly image, it can be very attractive, and you're more like to connect with that special older woman you're interested in dating.

When you're not 'needy', it's easy to flirt and kid around with any woman. Most women like men that make them laugh. Don't be too serious, and always keep conversations fun. In this way if she says no, it will appear that you were just joking and weren't really serious about dating. Men who know how to flirt with confidence have an easy time picking up women of all ages. Men who are shy, nervous, and too serious usually strike out over and over again.

So if you want an older woman to like you, the best thing you can do is be mature like she is. Don't focus on the age difference. Treat her like she's the same age. Look for chemistry and compatibility. What do you have in common? Are you interested in the same things? How do you feel when you're with her? And is it mutual?

Women like to be young, so if she's older she might be flattered that you're interested. If she likes being with you and you feel the same way, why even bring up the age difference. Don't do it. Avoid the subject and brush it off as unimportant. Treat her the same way you'd treat anyone else, and you won't have any problem telling an older woman that you like her.

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