Is It Ok To Ask A Guy Out On A Date?

In most free countries it's ok for women to ask guys out. But it still can be a little uncomfortable. No one wants to be rejected. Fortunately there are ways of asking without actually asking! You can be subtle and not be too obvious about it.

This article is about playful, fun ways to ask guys out on dates without risking rejection. If you're naturally friendly, outgoing, and have a good sense of humor, you'll love my approach. Most guys will laugh hysterically at your comments and want to go out with you big time!

Is there someone special that you're interested in? Sometimes even if you're friendly and send out signals that you're interested, men don't ask. What can you do? Is there a reason he's not asking you? Is he already in a relationship or interested in someone else? Or is he just afraid of rejection? Possible there are other good reasons he's not asking you out.

Perhaps he thinks you wouldn't be interested in him or your just being nice to him because it's your natural self. Many guys have been rejected so many times that they're afraid of asking women out. If the man you're interested in has been rejected several times in a row it's easy to understand why he's cautious and taking his time with you.. If this is the case asking him out is not only ok, it's more than ok!

What Will A Guy Think If You Ask Him Out?

Fifty years ago a guy would have fainted. Then when he regained consciousness, he would have told all his friends and every he knows about how this beautiful woman asked him out.

Today men are still flattered. Most women don't make the first move, so men don't get a lot of invitations for first dates. But he's not likely to be very surprised and he probably won't brag to all his friends. Even though it's still not too common, almost everyone knows that there's absolutely nothing wrong with asking a man out on a date.

People today are much more open and accepting than they were years ago. Unless you live in Iran or under the Talaban regime, no one will judge you harshly or think less of you. On the contrary, guys (and most women) will respect you even more for your courage and open, honest communication.

Women always say that guys don't communicate as well as they do, but if that's true why aren't more women asking men out on dates? If communication is important to you and you're looking for a guy who feels the same way, what's wrong with asking him for a date?

Reasons Not To Ask A Guy Out On A Date.

  • If you feel there's something wrong with it don't do it. Never override your conscience.
  • If you're looking for a traditional relationship where the guy's in charge and asks first, then don't make the first move.
  • If you'd rather 'attract' your man rather than take the direct approach then that's ok too.

Good Reasons To Be Cautious.

Even though dating has changed and many women are now asking guys out, there's still reasons to be cautious. Even some men are cautious before asking someone out. Most guys are wondering if you're available, if you're interested, if you'll say yes, if it will lead to a serious relationship, and so on. I'm sure you might have the same concerns.

So take it slow. Dating is much like any game. It's a risk and no one wants to appear stupid. Someone might be friendly and outgoing. You might assume they're interested in you, when in fact they're just being nice. Maybe they're already in a secure, happy relationship and not even thinking of you as dating material.

How Do You Know If A Guy Is Interested?

Do what most guys do. They don't usually go up to a stranger and ask them on a date although it can happen. Most of the time, they have a 'pick up line' or engage in some idle conversation first. They don't want to risk asking someone who is not interested or not available.

Most guys have learnt that it's best to take a few minutes to find out if you have a boyfriend or husband first. Then they're looking for signals that you might like them. If a woman is easy to read, they ask, but if they're not getting any feedback they might be afraid to pop the question.

So copy what what guys do when they've asked you out on dates.

  • Start with innocent conversation.
  • Ask some questions without being too obvious or intrusive.
  • See if you notice any signals that he might be interested in you.

The name of the game is flirting and having fun without being too serious. You might say something silly like 'I bet you'd love to go on a date with someone as good looking as me wouldn't you?' Then laugh as if you're not too serious about it.

Keep him guessing. If he says 'yes I would'. Then you could jokingly say 'prove it, I dare you to ask me on a date' or ' I bet you'll say no if I ask you on a date', ...

When you flirt and joke around, you're asking without asking.

If you get signals that he's not interested or not available, he'll never know if you're serious or not so there's absolutely no fear of rejection.

You're just having fun, flirting, and being playful. On the other hand if you see that he's really interested, he may ask you first.

If he doesn't and you jokingly ask him out on a date, what's the worst that can happen? He could say no. And then you could say that you were just messing around with him anyway.

Is It Ok To Tell A Guy You're Interested?

Sure it is. But it doesn't have to be serious.

  1. Joke around.
  2. Laugh.
  3. Play.
  4. Be friendly.
  5. Be subtle.

Try to be outgoing even if you're not. If you play your cards right, you might not even need to ask him out. He might ask you out first. Just invite him to ask you out without being obvious about it.

Subtle Ways To Ask A Guy Out. Don't Be Obvious.

All these suggestions are meant to be said in a playful, non serious way. If you say these things seriously it will backfire on you.

  • I bet you'd love to go out with cool chick like me ... Be careful what you wish for
  • I bet you've never gone out with someone as good looking as me
  • Will your girlfriend let you go out with me?
  • If you ask me out on a date, I might say yes, ... but I might say no. Depends on how nicely you ask.
  • I'd never go out with a guy like you, ... unless you ask
  • See that girl over there? She'll never go out with you, but I will. ... maybe, hmmm should I or shouldn't I???

Remember to smile, and laugh your head off when you're using statements like the ones above. It's ok to have fun and live life to the fullest.

If you're too serious to pull it off in a playful, joking fashion, avoid making a fool of yourself. : -) Just flirt and wait for him to ask you.

Or ask for a date directly. Personally, I like to flirt and say silly things to see if I get a reaction. You might be different. Just be yourself. It's ok to ask a man out in most cultures so go ahead and do it your way. Have fun!

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