Is It Ok To Ask A Man Out On A Date?

Today there are many good reasons why it is perfectly ok to ask a man out on a date. But before asking there are some things for you to consider.

The fact that you're asking this question tells me that you're looking for reasons for and against asking men out on dates. Or perhaps you're just interested in one very special man who for some reason isn't asking you out. Either way, this article will help you make an informed decision based on the pros and cons of asking men out on dates.

What Are The Advantages Of Asking A Man Out?

  • Many men will respect you more than if you don't wait for them to make the first move
  • It sends a clear message that you're a powerful, independent woman who's looking for an equal partnership
  • Most men like women who are direct and to the point. (Most traditional women aren't.)
  • You don't limit the men the you can go out with
  • You can date more often
  • You can pick and choose
  • You'll feel in control of your life
  • It boost your self esteem especially when men accept your invitations
  • The more men you ask the more dates you'll get
  • You're more likely to find a man who loves you

In today's modern world where women make as much money as men and compete with them, there's nothing wrong with asking a man out.

It's not like it was fifty years ago when men were treated differently than women. Today women are equals. Even if a man has traditional values and is looking to make the first move, he's not likely to judge you negatively for asking. You may not be what he's looking for, but he should not be shocked when you ask him on a date.

Even though it's ok to ask a man out on a date, many women still don't do it. It might be fear of rejection, old fashioned ideas, a belief system that says men should make the first move, or just the desire for a man to ask them out.

Whatever the reason, men don't get a lot of invitations from women. In most cases, men still need to ask women out if they want to date. So if you ask a man out, he's likely to be very flattered. It takes the pressure off him to ask you out and he knows you're interested in him. When a man asks a woman out he's never sure how much she likes him. That's not true when you ask first.

You're likely to get a very positive response if you ask a man out. The dating rules are changing and there is absolutely nothing morally wrong with asking men on dates. It's perfectly acceptable by almost anyone today, unless they're living in the past. In spite of this, it's best to ask men on dates privately. Don't broadcast or make a big deal of it. People don't need to know.

How To Ask A Man Out On A Date.

Just be yourself and not too serious about it. It's just a date.

The worst that can happen is he'll say no. The risk of rejection is always there, but you'll probably get less rejection than men get. Why? Because like I said earlier, men don't get asked out as often. Almost all men will be flattered even if they're not interested.

You'll be surprised how many men will say yes, just because they're impressed that you asked them out.

Things To Consider Before Asking.

  • Keep first dates simple and inexpensive.
  • Keep first dates brief and don't commit to long dates.
  • Avoid asking for first dates on Friday or Saturday nights.
  • Be prepared to pay for the first date if you extended the invitation.
  • Be ok if he says no. Just brush it off without putting deeper meaning into it.
  • Understand that when you start asking men out the sky is the limit.
  • If someone says no, there are thousands of other men you can ask.

Have fun asking men out on dates. It's perfectly ok and you'll have much more fun once you start doing it. The more men you ask the easier it will become and the more comfortable you will feel. Eventually your only regret will be that you didn't start asking men years ago.

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