Mistakes Guys Make With Women.

Doing The Same Thing.

Doing the same thing over and over again, - and expecting different results.

Are you having trouble with women? Most men do. It's because they're not aware of common mistakes guys make all the time. The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again while expecting different results. Yet that's what most guys do. Instead of changing, they make the same mistakes with every woman they meet and can't understand why it's so tough picking up women.

The way to understand women, is to read a lot of articles on what women like. Learn what turns them on and what turns them off. This web site is a great place to start and you'll learn a lot. Knowledge is power. And if you know what women like you'll have the power to easily attract almost any woman you're interested in.

Top Ten Biggest Mistakes Guys Make.

  1. Trying way too hard
  2. Pushing for what they want
  3. Taking themselves too seriously
  4. Having a big ego or being too sensitive
  5. Not being comfortable and relaxed
  6. Being manipulative and controlling
  7. Being more interested in sex than romance
  8. Showing off and being boastful
  9. Talking too much
  10. Not talking enough

What You Can Do To Turn Women On.

The first thing you can do is become aware of what turns women off. Then you can consciously do things differently to attract women you like.

But sometimes it's hard to change old habits. Plus when you're speaking with women what you say or do needs to natural and spontaneous. How can you do this if you're at a loss for words? The very best way is pretend you're someone else.

Yes I've already told you in my articles you need to be genuine and yourself, but what I'm talking about is different. What I'm talking about is taking positive steps that will make women find you attractive. You need to start someplace and as you gain confidence, you won't be any need to pretend.

The Great Pretender.

  1. Think about any guy that has no problem picking up women.

  2. Watch and observe him.

  3. Notice how confident and secure he is.

  4. Notice how much women like being around him because he's so calm, cool, and relaxed.

  5. Now pretend you are this guy.

  6. Observe how much more confident you feel as you take on his personality.

  7. Pretend that when you're speaking with women he's right be your side, telling you exactly what to do and say.

Try being the great pretender. This really works.

As you talk with women you'll be more confident and sure of yourself because you'll feel that you're not alone. Your invisible coach will guide you to say exactly the right things at precisely the right time.

Eventually we won't need to pretend to be someone else anymore. You'll have enough confidence to be yourself, - calm and relaxed in all situations.

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