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The more a woman talks about a relationship, the less attractive she becomes to a man. Why is that? Is it because men don't like relationships or don't want to have one? NO. Men want to be in a relationship just as much as women do. It just means he doesn't want to 'talk' about relationships! There's a big difference.

As soon as a woman starts talking about how committed she is to the relationship and how important it is to her, ... the more trapped and smothered he feels.

Men are wired to be aggressors. They like to chase and conquer. The fun part is not going steady the same woman, it's making her want him. If she already wants him it's no fun. If men know you aren't going anywhere, they'll look for ways to make you upset so that you're not such an easy target.

  1. Do men want space?
  2. Do they want to crawl into their cave and isolate themselves?

Yes, but it's not for the reasons women think. They're communicating a subtle message that says 'if you're too easy to get, I'm not interested. In fact I'm bored. Let me withdraw and push you away so I can win you back later.'

Do men do this on purpose to drive women crazy? No! 99% of men don't realize why they do the things they do. The way men behave in relationships is instinctive.

Of course, I'm generalizing. Every man is different and you might be with a man who isn't interested in the chase. Perhaps he loves a very dependent, needy woman. All I'm saying is that men are generally not built that way.

How To Improve Your Relationship With A Man.

  • Stop talking about your relationship with him. Focus on having fun and doing interesting things together.
  • Be committed to the relationship, but don't let him know. Keep him guessing.
  • Be independent. Don't insist that you have to do everything together as couple.
  • Give him lots of space if he wants it. Go out with your girlfriends or even by yourself if you want.
  • See if there are activities that both of you would love to do together.
  • Don't let him control your emotions. Nothing he says or does should upset you.
  • Be responsible for your own happiness and do not depend on him.

Ironically, the more independent you are and the more uncertain he is about the relationship, the more likely he is to stick around and make it work.

Also he's less likely to become interested in other women. You will turn him on more and more by looking at relationships from a man's perspective. When you know what men want, you'll automatically get what you want out of a relationship.

Be busy with your own life and do what makes you happy independently of your boyfriend or husband. At times it's good to be unavailable and hard to get even in a serious relationship. Of course you don't want to do anything foolish like cheating or going out with other guys. You can be just as committed as you are now, just don't let him know!

When you're a strong, independent woman, your guy will be afraid of losing you. He will not take you for granted.

And he'll be constantly looking for ways to make you happy! Improve your relationship by giving him what he needs and he'll instinctively look for ways to give you the perfect relationship you want.

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