Top 10 Mistakes Women Make With Men.

Perhaps the biggest mistake women make is not understanding that guys are different. They're expected to be masculine.

Here's an example.

  • Women may want a man who's powerful and strong emotionally, but at the same time they complain that guys are not good at expressing their feelings.

Expressing feelings is a right brain activity. The masculine nature of men requires them to use their left brain more than their right. On the other hand, the feminine nature of women means they tend to use their right brain more than their left.

Women should be clear as to what they want in a man.

  • Do they want a man who brushes emotions off his shoulder? Or do they want men who is in touch with his feminine side like they are?

Women, like men, can have anything they want. It's just a matter being clear on what they want.

In a man's mind, he doesn't feel free to share feelings, hurts, or disappointments with men or women. If he does he'll appear weak.

He's afraid women will not find him attractive if he behaves like a woman and he has good reasons keep emotions to himself.

His display of confidence and strength doesn't mean he doesn't have have feelings. Men get hurt easily. They just don't show it.

The Top Ten Biggest Mistakes Women Make With Men.

  1. Not knowing exactly what they want.
  2. Dating men based on chemistry alone
  3. Dating bad boys who are incompatible.
  4. Letting men pressure them into dating.
  5. Being too dependent and 'clingy'.
  6. Not being respectful and considerate of his feelings.
  7. Assuming that men know what they like and subtle hints are good enough.
  8. Trying to change him or 'make him better'.
  9. Blaming him for their unhappiness.
  10. Expecting them to think and behave like a woman while being a man at the same time.

What You Can Do If You're Making Mistakes With Guys.

Stop. Now that you know common mistakes women make, start looking a men differently.

Read the dating articles on this site and ask yourself what you can to attract the perfect man.

It's easy to turn a man off and he's not going to cry if you hurt his feelings. He'll just get cold or walk away and you'll never know the reason. That's the way real men are expected to behave and that's what most women want. The want a strong, manly figure, with a take charge unemotional personality.

The best thing you can do read articles on how men think and start accept them just the way they are. Find things you like about a man you're dating or are in a relationship with. The more you think about what you like, the more likely he'll stick around.

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