Risks Of Dating An Older Man.

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If you're attracted to older men or you're interested in someone much older, it's natural to wonder if it will work out and what to expect.

There are benefits of dating older men but there are also disadvantages. Yes there are some risks too.

When it comes to chemistry, age has very little to do with it. That's why someone can easily be attracted to someone younger or someone older.

People don't get turned on because someone is the same age. We know that to be true.

They feel a connection with people because on a deeper level they have a lot in common. There is compatibility on a emotional level. When it comes to romantic relationships this is what women find attractive.

When it comes to physical attraction, chemistry is more important than age.

Benefits of Dating An Older Man.

  • Maturity
  • Wisdom
  • Charm
  • More experience in all areas of life
  • Love making can be far more satisfying
  • Self confidence
  • Perhaps a more gentle nature
  • More money?
  • More stability?

7 Risks of Dating An Older Man.

  1. Older men may have trouble keeping up with you physically
  2. Decreased hormone levels mean they don't rebound as fast sexually
  3. Many older men do not look as good as younger men
  4. Life goals may be different
  5. Outlook and viewpoints may be different
  6. Even if a relationship is purely physical in the beginning, you may fall in love with him
  7. You may face rejection from family and friends especially if you're about the same age as his children

What Do You Have In Common With An Older Man?

One of the biggest obstacles or risks dating an older man is not the difference in age. It's the difference in what you want to do with the rest of your life. If you're 18 years old and your 'older man' is 21 or 25 it's not a big problem. But if he's 40 and you're 20, a relationship can be challenging for both of you as the years go by.

For example,

  • When your guy retires, you might be at the peak of your career.

  • He might want to travel and you might not have the time.

  • He might be too old to keep up with you physically. You might want a man who can enjoy sports or challenging activities with you. He might be more interested in passive activities.

Another Risk Dating Older Men.

Many very young women like dating much older guys because they feel it's safe. The relationship can't go anywhere because of the age difference. On top of that love making with an older man can be far more enjoyable than with a young man who doesn't have the experience.

The problem is that even though you think a physical relationship is safe and won't go anywhere, a very strong emotional connection can develop in just a few months.

You might find yourself madly in love and attached to someone much older than you are! Breaking up can be just as hard as with a younger man.

Only you can decide if dating an older man is right for you, but whatever you decide, understand the risks and be warned.

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