Should a Woman Ask A Man Out On A Date?

Is there anything wrong with asking men out on dates? The rules of dating have changed. Although there are things to consider before asking a man out, there are also many good reasons why women should make the first move.

It all depends on you and the kind of man you want to attract into your life. What kind of relationship are you looking for. Are you looking for a more traditional relationship where the man always takes the lead? Or you looking for an equal partnership?

There are many good reasons today for women to ask men out on dates. Times have changed. Today most men welcome invitations from women to go out on dates and it's becoming more and more acceptable. Having said that, there are still good reasons to be cautious.

Typically women have taken a more subtle, submissive approach to dating. If they're interested in a man they'll send out clear signals that they want to go out on a date, but they won't ask directly. Most women still will not make the first move. Why not?

  • Fear of rejection?

  • Old fashioned ideas?

  • Traditional values?

  • Fear about what people might think about them. Fear of being judged negatively? ...

Whatever the reasons it's best to think about the kind of man you're looking for and then decide for yourself if you'll ask guys out or not.

Asking A Man Out Has Advantages.

  • Are you looking for an open, honest, and equal partnership with a man?

  • Do you value good communication and do you feel it's important in a relationship?

  • Are you independent, smart, and confident?

  • Do you have high self esteem and feel equal to men in every way?

If so, you should ask men out on dates. Why? Because if a man is offended or turned off by your invitation, he isn't the kind of man you're looking for anyway!

Any man who thinks like you and treats women like equals will have no problem when you ask him out. In fact he will likely respect you far more than women who are too afraid of making the first move.

By asking men out on dates you will be eliminating men who are not compatible with you.

Ask Men Out And Date More Often.

Many women don't get asked out as much as they want to. There's no reason to be alone. Go to social events, network, do online dating, etc and start asking men for dates. Dating is a numbers game.

It's a risk. But you can't win if you don't play. So be friendly, outgoing (even if you're not), and smile at every attractive man that you meet. Flirt and pick up on signals that they might be interested in you as well.

Sometimes men don't ask women out on dates because they're afraid of rejection or they're not sure if they're married or in a relationship, etc. ... You'll be surprised how many men will say, 'yes, I'd love to go out with you'!

The more men you ask, the more dates you will have. And the more people you date, the more likely you'll find the relationship you're looking for.

When You Should Not Ask A Man Out.

  1. Do you have strict moral or religious values?

  2. In your religion or social network, is it looked down upon for a woman to ask men out?

  3. Are you looking for a relationship where you'll play a very submissive role?

  4. Do you want a dominant, take charge man who always get's his way?

  5. Do you expect that men will think less of you if you ask them out on a date?

If this is the kind of relationship you want, it would be better if you avoid asking men out on dates.

If you're looking for a more traditional relationship, you should play a traditional role when it comes to dating.

Be friendly, outgoing, and open to invitations from men you're interested in, but keep your distance. This is what you expect in a relationship and this is what your man will expect. He will respect you more, if you let him take charge and always make the first move.

Just because you won't be asking men out, doesn't mean you need to wait by the phone and pray that your man will call (or email).

If you're wanting to date more often and find a serious relationship, be as social as possible. Go out often. Join groups where you're likely to meet the kind of man you're looking for. And send clear signals that you'd like a man to ask you out.

Women do this by

  • flirting,
  • body language,
  • tone of voice,
  • doing nice little things for men you're interested in, etc.

Suggestions Before You Ask A Man Out On A Date.

  • Be calm and relaxed. Nervousness might scare people off.
  • Be friendly. Pop the question as if it isn't planned or prepared.
  • Be ok if a man says no. Don't take anything personally.
  • Ask men out privately. Don't tell everyone that you ask men out.
  • Some old fashioned people may judge you negatively. Don't tell people what you're doing.

It's best to be yourself. If you think there is something wrong with asking a man out, don't do it. Never go against your set of moral values.

If you don't think there is anything wrong with it, go for it. Don't let fear of rejection stop you from asking someone out.

The more you ask men out on dates, the more comfortable you will be with it. Most men will be flattered that you made the first move. In many cases you'll feel really good about yourself and it will be a positive experience.

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