Should You Kiss On The First Date?

The dating rules on kissing are not clear but there are common sense guidelines. The answer depends on what you did on your first date and how much contact you've had with each other by email or on the phone before your date. Also how much did you enjoy your first date and was there a romantic connection? How long was your first date?

If you are complete strangers and met at the coffee shop for a half hour, you may not want to kiss after the date. However if you spent five hours by candlelight gazing into each other's eyes, holding hands, and having a wonderful conversation, it would be hard to understand why you would not want to kiss. Here's what men and women are thinking about when it comes to kissing on a first date.

Kissing On A First Date.

If things are going well during your date, and you're both feeling the chemistry, it might be appropriate to kiss.

You need to consider where you are and what you're doing for your first date. Most of the time people won't think about kissing until the end of the first date. This is always an awkward moment when you really like someone and you're not sure what to do. Many things are racing through your mind, like should we kiss or not?

Should You Kiss At The End Of A First Date?

Men are often preoccupied with whether they should kiss at the end of a first date or not. Men usually feel responsible for making the first move but they're not sure how their date will respond. They wonder if kissing will ruin their opportunity for a second date or improve their chances. They wonder what their date will think of them if they kiss and if they don't. It's a risk especially if you really like someone and what to see them again.

Plus you don't have too much time to decide on whether you should kiss or not. If the first date doesn't go too good, it's not a big problem. Most guys will not even bother to try kissing. And most women will avoid the opportunity if it presents itself. But if you both had a good time, the decision to kiss or not is much more stressful. If a man hesitates and decides not to kiss, he feels you might reject him. And if decides to kiss, then he risks being rejected as well if you get upset or pull back.

The pressure for women is not as great if the guy decides not to kiss. Why? Because most guys don't expect women to make the first move. Even though they'd love this to be the case, nine times out of ten it isn't. Guys almost always feel the pressure is on them to decide to kiss or not.

The biggest stress for women is what will I do if he decides to kiss me? How will I react? She's thinking, should I protest and resist? Or should I enjoy it. Either way, what will my date think of me. So the question of whether to kiss or not is a big concern for men and women on the first date. It's best to go with your gut feelings and what feels natural. Never try to force a kiss or do anything that doesn't feel appropriate.

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