Should You Kiss On A First Date?

You've had a wonderful first date. You kind of like him. And he really likes you. The conversation has been friendly but neither of you have experienced any romantic connection yet. Is it a good idea to kiss on your first date or should you wait? What are the dating rules these days? Here is some good advice about kissing on a first date.

About Kissing On The A First Date.

  • How long have we known each other? If you've been romantically communicating by email and on the phone for a long time, it might be appropriate to kiss.
  • How well did your first date go. If the conversation was business-like and there wasn't much of a spark, it might be wise not to kiss or if it happens, just to make it very brief. However if it was a romantic first date, a longer first kiss might be nice.
  • How long was your fist date? If you met at the coffee shop for a half hour, kissing might be very awkward moment. On the other hand if you went out for drinks and dinner kissing might be a natural sequence of events. Imagine spending five hours with someone by candlelight having the most wonder time, holding hands and staring into each other's eyes. In this situation most women
    would be expecting a kiss.
  • Do you have strong religious beliefs about kissing on the first date? If so it might not be appropriate to go against your conscience no matter how romantic your first date was.
  • Did you do anything romantic during your first date? Oh let's see, ... holding hands? Innocently brushing up against each other? Any physical contact? Was this touching romantic? If so, kissing might be expected even if it happens to be a quick one.
  • Do you plan on kissing on the lips or on the cheek? Will it be a dry kiss or a wet one? Will there be french kissing or not?

More Dating Tips For Kissing.

The best way to look at kissing on a first date is to use common sense. If it feels right do it. If it doesn't feel right don't do it. What if you're not sure? Should you try one kiss and see how it goes? Maybe. But if you're going to do it, go slow.

Hugs are always acceptable although some people don't like hugging. Start with a slow hug and perhaps a kiss on the cheek. If it feels comfortable go for more. If either one of you stop hugging, kissing will have to wait until the second date.

It pays when you know what to do and what not to do on your first dates.

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