Subtle Ways Of Asking A Man Out On A Date Without Being Obvious.

So you found someone you like but he's not asking you out. What do you do? Should you ask or not? And If you do pop the question how can you do it so that it's not too obvious? After all if you hardly know him he might say no. He might already have girlfriend or a wife and that would be embarrassing if you asked directly.

Men sometimes think the same thing about girls. That's why they sometimes will not ask women out. For some reason they get the idea that a woman is not available or she won't go out with him or she already has someone or whatever. Men typically reason like this because they're afraid of rejection and it's easier to have an excuse than admit to the truth.

You can avoid the same mistakes men make by considering less obvious ways of asking men on dates. Most women are better at being subtle than men are but there always exceptions to the rule. Fortunately there are several subtle ways of asking a man out without the fear or rejection.

Here are eight subtle, not too obvious ways of asking a man out on a date. Ask any man out on a date without the risk of rejection or embarrassment.

If you love to flirt, this article contains five subtle ways to do it. And if you're creative you can easily think of many more things to you can say that are less obvious than 'will you go out with me'. In addition I've included three other ways of asking a man out if you're shy and not good at being outgoing with strangers.

How To Ask Without Being Obvious.

One of the best ways to ask a man out is not to ask him directly. Rejection is never an issue when you're flirting because no one is admitting to being serious. Simply flirt to the extreme and say things that suggest that it's safe for him to ask you out. If he doesn't feel like you'll reject him or if you're making a game out of it, chances are he'll ask you out if he's interested. If he's not interested, you won't have to ask him out.

We have several good articles about flirting. Anything you can do to reassure a man that he won't be rejected if he asks you out on a date is helpful. Essentially you're asking him out on a date without actually saying the words. You're saying other suggestive statements, using body language, leaning into his personal space, and perhaps even joking around about going on a date.

For example you might say -

  1. I wouldn't think of going out with someone like you ... laugh ... unless you ask ... laugh ... smile, ...

  2. You're too good looking for me. I only date short, fat, ugly, and bald men but that's getting old. Hmmm ... Let me prove it to you. Ask me out on a date and I'll reject you. ... laugh ... When he asks you out, accept and confirm the date, time, place, etc. - don't let him off the hook!

  3. Would your wife be terribly upset if we went out on a romantic vacation? I could use the time off. (this is a great way to see if he's already in a relationship.)

  4. See that good looking woman over there. She already told me she won't go out with you but I know someone who will. ... (then brush up closer to him or touch him innocently with an endearing look, ...)

  5. So what kind of girls do you like to date? (If he describes someone like you, mention that you know the perfect woman. When he asks who it is, ask him when he'll be picking you up!)

I've seen many of these flirting ideas work in real life. Flirting is one of the best of ways of asking a man out indirectly.

Ask A Man Out By Asking For A Favor.

If a man is interested in you, he'll want to be helpful. This technique will work will with a man you know and trust. But if it's a stranger you can modify the rules.

First find out what he's good at. Is good with computers? Ask him to look at a computer problem you're having. Is he good at repairing things? If so ask him to help you with a problem you're having with your car or something around your house.

If it's a stranger, ... don't invite him to your home or car. Ask him to look at an item in your purse. Carry a broken gadget around with you if you have to just in case you find Mr Right and he says he's good at fixing things. Try to carry an small personal item in your purse that is broken but easy to fix on the spot. Of course the way to thank him for fixing your problem is to treat him for happy hour or dinner or whatever. Make it a date but don't call it that. Afterwards you could indicate what a good time you had and suggest a second date.

Ask A Man For A Date But Call It Friendship.

Tell the man you're interested in that you have two tickets to an event. Your girlfriend changed her mind. Now you have two tickets and no one to go with. You don't want to go alone or waste these tickets. Ask if he would be willing to go with you.

Invite A Man Into Your Space But Don't Call It A Date!

You can go out on a date without calling it a date. It could look like friendship but in the back of your mind you might be thinking of a more serious relationship down the road.

For example, ... if you're having a great time talking with a man, you might say something like, 'you know, I need to get going right now, but I want to continue this conversation. You're such an interesting person. I like going to the coffee shop down the street. Usually I go with friends but sometimes I go alone. Would you like to meet me there tomorrow night?'

The key is to continue a conversation or become better friends, without indicating it will be a date. If the chemistry is there, give him your contact information. He'll call you. I'm sure if you think of it you'll come up many other subtle, not too obvious ways of asking men out on dates. Be creative and have fun dating!

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