Subtle Ways Of Asking A Guy Out On A Date.

Three subtle, not too obvious ways of asking a guy out on a date. Ask any man without the fear of rejection!

It can be stressful for guys and girls to ask someone out. Fortunately there are ways of doing it without risking rejection or feeling bad if someone says no. This article is about how you can ask a guy out gently without being too obvious. The more you use these techniques, the easier it will be to ask guys out.

Asking A Guy For A Date Without Being Obvious.

It might seem impossible or hard, and you think along those lines, it will be hard for you ask guys out. But if you relax and make it your goal to have fun you'll see that being subtle about your interest in men is quite easy. Perhaps you're already good at flirting. If so, this will make perfect sense to you.

If you're good at flirting, all you need to do is practice saying things in a fun, playful way. People who are good at flirting usually have an excellent sense of humor. It's hard to tell if they're joking or not. This is the key to being subtle about asking someone out. When men can't figure out if you're serious or not, it's very hard to risk rejection. You can always laugh and claim you weren't serious, even though you were!

If you're not good at flirting, now is a good time to practice. If you're going to ask a guy out, it's best have fun doing it. For some women, flirting is easy and the more you do it the easier it gets. However if you're not good at saying crazy things with a straight face, don't worry, I'll show you other subtle ways of asking guys out where you can be yourself.

How To Be Subtle By Flirting.

When you're flirting with someone, you're showing an interest in them but you're not being too obvious about it. When someone is flirting is hard to know if they're serious or not. This is an ideal approach to asking guys out without actually saying 'would you like to go out with me?' If you pop the question without flirting, there's always the risk of rejection. But if you flirt and they say know, you can claim that you weren't serious about it. And if you're really good at flirting, guys will probably believe you.

Things You Can Say While You're Flirting.

The following are examples of crazy off the wall comments things you can say. Make up your own stuff too. Be creative. When you say things like this, it works better if you laugh a lot, smile, and flirt till you drop. If you're too serious, skip this section, because you'll only make a fool of yourself saying crazy things in a serious way.

  • I usually don't go out with guys, but I'll make an exception for you.
  • I bet you've never gone out with someone as gorgeous as me.
  • Is it ok with your girlfriend if we go out on a date? (This is a great way to find out if he's in a relationship.)
  • I wouldn't think of dating someone as nice as you, ... unless you ask.
  • Gees, ... what's wrong with me? I've talked to ten guys tonight and no one has asked me out on a date. I suppose you'll brush me off too. ... (always smile and laugh)

The more outrageous you are while you're flirting the easier it will be ask guys out on dates without it being terribly obvious. In fact some men won't even take the hint and realize you're asking them out! The question is do you want to date guys that are that insensitive that they don't understand what you're doing? Hmmm ... It's something to think about.

More Subtle Ways Of Asking Guys Out.

One of the best ways of asking a guy out is to ask them to do you a favor. If you know and trust them already, you might ask if they can take a look at your car, or fix something around your house, or help you with a computer problem, or whatever. What you ask will depend upon what your guy is good at.

If they agree to help you, repay them by taking them out to dinner, or out for a drink or to the movies or whatever. You decide. The activity should be something your guy would enjoy. Just don't call it a 'date'. However a date is what it really is. Afterwards you might say something like, 'boy I had so much fun with you tonight. It was almost like a date. Imagine that. Perhaps we should think about dating more often, (smile). ... Call me if you want to go out on a real date sometime. (smile, ...) ... '

If you don't know a guy well enough, there are other ways to be subtle and not very obvious. For example, one of my favorite techniques is to buy two tickets to a concert, play, or event of some sort. Say that your girlfriend decided she can't make it. You don't want to go alone or waste the tickets. Ask if he'd be willing to take her place. Even though this will be a date, it doesn't sound like one and it's not a good idea to call it that. After the date, you can mention about the good time you had. Give him you contact information and suggest that it would be ok for him to call.

There you have it. You can flirt or you can use these other techniques for asking a guy out without being too obvious about it. I'm sure that as you think about it more creative ideas will come to you. Have fun and may all your dates say 'yes'!

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