Three Flirting Tips For Women.

How to attract the man of your dreams by flirting innocently with men you're interested in. Here are three tips on how to flirt with men.

How do you tell a guy you're interested in him, so he'll ask you out on a date? You might have a crush on someone and they don't pay any attention to you. The best way to get a man's attention is to improve your flirting skills.

The first things guys notice is good looking women but after that it's all about personality and how much fun you are to be with. Most men would rather be around a happy person with a good sense of humor than a very cold, stone faced attractive woman. That's why your looks are not all that important. Your flirting skills are!

1. Overcome Nervousness.

Have you ever tried to carry on a natural, fun conversation when you're nervous? It's almost impossible. Chances are you've been nervous for a long time and don't think you can change. Yes you can!

The reason why people get nervous is because they unconsciously say degrading thinks to themselves all day long. Perhaps you don't do this but almost everyone who's nervous does. Observe every word you say to yourself and see what you're telling your unconscious mind.

The way to overcome your nervousness is to say positive affirmations to yourself constantly. Say this statement over and over again a thousand times a day. You can speak affirmations out loud but they also work if you speak to yourself. No one will know what you're doing. Say 'why am so calm and relaxed in every situation?'

If you constantly repeat this statement like a broken record, your brain will not have an opportunity to say statements that will make you nervous around men. Also, the more you say positive things, the less nervous you'll be in stressful situations.

2. It's Sexy To Be A Good Listener.

When we're nervous, we're thinking about what we'll say next or about ourselves. This is not attractive. Men like women who are good listeners. Communicate with body language most of the time and say a few words all the time to let a man know you're interested.

Ask open ended questions, like 'tell me more about your new car' or 'what kind of women do you like' or 'what do you like best about your job' etc. You can't answer these questions with a simple yes or no. Men will be impressed with you if you take an interest in everything they say.

3. The Art Of Subtle Communication Without Saying One Word.

How can you tell a man you're interested and like him? Easy. Put on the charm with body language. It's all about tone of voice, how you look at him, how calm and relaxed you are, and what you do with your body. You can say a lot more without speaking sometimes.

It's the simple things that will get his attention.

For example, as he says something interesting you might gently touch him for a brief second and say 'yes I understand. Sometimes I feel the same way too.' Innocent touching is a great way to flirt and tell a man you're interested without being too obvious about it.

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